Top 10 Reasons Why Parents Should NOT WAIT for the Next Annual before Calling an IEP

1. If your child is exhibiting new behavioral problems that are interfering with their ability to access the curriculum; your school may need to implement a Behavior Support Plan to extinguish the negative or off task behavior.

2. If your child is struggling academically in the first semester, don’t wait until second semester to address the problem. If you have to request new assessments; keep in mind the timeline from the day you authorized the assessments. The school has 60 days* in which to conduct the assessments and hold an IEP, so if you wait until second semester, the school year might be coming to an end; basically, your child has lost the entire year. * Some States have different timelines so please check the timelines in your State.

3. If your child will be attending Kindergarten, Middle School or High School the following year; you need to know all the areas of strengths and weaknesses to help them transition into the next phase of their education.

4. If your child has been bullied in school, you need to make sure there is a safety plan implemented to protect your child from harm. In addition, your child should know the name of the school personnel they can approach if the situation arises again; providing a safe place in the school environment.

5. If your child’s placement is no longer working, do not wait to address this problem; otherwise, your child may lose an entire year of academics.

6. If your child has been suspended repeatedly for behavioral problems, do not wait until the school is about to expel your child from the district. Call an IEP to discuss changes in the Behavior Support Plan or ask for additional assessments immediately such as a Functional Behavior Assessment.

7. If your child has been assigned an Aide that is not experienced enough to prevent your child from eloping, you need to call an IEP as soon as possible to request a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) or additionally training for the Aide. Remember, every time your child leaves the classroom they are not being educated!

8. If your child is experiencing depression, lack of self-worth, anxiety…etc. You should call an IEP and request a Social/Emotional Assessment for in-school counseling. If your child already has in-school counseling and that’s not working then you need to request an Educationally Related Mental Health Assessment to address these issues before they escalate into more serious behavior.

9. If the services you agreed to at your child’s last IEP meeting are not working, you need to call an IEP to ask your school to increase the amount of services, or file for Due Process if you feel it’s necessary to take the matter directly to the school district.

10. If the School has not been following your child’s IEP; therefore, is out of compliance, call an IEP right away to allow the school to remedy the situation. If they are not willing to rectify the situation then you need to either file for Due Process or file a complaint with the State Department of Education.

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