Special needs activities unlimited at Camp No Limitations

Every Thursday, behind the Central United Methodist Church, a growing group of special needs families attend Camp No Limitations, a new fitness camp for people of all abilities.

“It’s like Camp Gladiator, but it’s modified for the entire special needs family where mom, dad, siblings, everyone can come out and work out,” No Limitations founder and President Coleen Heaton said.

In four years, No Limitations, a nonprofit sports organization for special needs children, has doubled in attendance and expanded to include soccer, basketball, cheerleading and now a summer fitness camp, free of charge.

“We had absolutely no idea that it was going to turn into what it is,” Heaton said. “We were going to do a season of soccer and that was it. It’s a family now. It’s a No Limitations family.”

After volunteering with the special education department in high school she knew she would do something with the special needs community, Heaton said.

“These are my people,” she said.

Source: Special needs activities unlimited at Camp No Limitations | Health | wacotrib.com

Jimmy Kilpatrick, a national recognized professional special education advocate since 1994.

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