Special education caps hurt Texas students

Forum editors Liza Anderson, Janhavi Nemawarkar, and Vik Shirvaikar introduce this week’s contributions about Texas Educational Agency’s special education caps.

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This week, we’re discussing a federal report’s confirmation that the Texas Education Agency illegally limited the educational opportunities for special needs students.

Linda Litzinger, Public Policy Specialist for Texas Parent to Parent — an advocacy group devoted to aiding and advocating for mentally and physically disabled Texas children and their parents — criticizes the Texas Education Agency for consistently failing to support the students that they are meant to serve, even after rebuke by federal officials.

Next, we present a piece written by the Texas Center for Disability Studies at UT Austin, in collaboration with Disability Rights Texas. They write that parents and professional advocates must have input in the educational process, in order to ensure students are given the opportunities and services they deserve.

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Source: Special education caps hurt Texas students | The Daily Texan

Jimmy Kilpatrick, a national recognized professional special education advocate since 1994.

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