Special-ed bill will damage districts

Please save us from the New York state Legislature and their special-education mandates, bill number A10722A.

This bill was passed as an act to amend the education law and pretends to provide an appropriate education for certain special-education students. Instead it will provide parents with a golden opportunity to send their children to a private school of their choice at the taxpayer’s expense.

The bill will require the Committee on Special Education in each of our schools to consider a child’s home life and cultural environment before placing that child in a special-education program. Parents who believe their child is not placed based on the child’s cultural background or home environment will have the right to place that child where they believe the appropriate school may be and then request a speedy tuition reimbursement from their home school district for the cost of tuition.

This bypasses all of the professional work done for the child by our staff members and allows decision-making by parents based on so-called cultural needs rather than what is educationally appropriate.

This will become nothing more than a voucher system for certain parents and take away funds through this tuition reimbursement and legal fees that will inevitably follow from the school districts that are desperately needed to educate the children.

In effect, school districts could be funding the private education of a select group of families within the district using public funds that will take needed funds away from the education of others.

Contact Gov. Andrew Cuomo and demand that he veto this poorly thought out and inappropriate legislation.

Harvey Kriedberg


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Jimmy Kilpatrick, a national recognized professional special education advocate since 1994.

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