School pupil sat 29 papers to gain a single maths A-level

Exam board chief used pupil as extreme example of retake culture

struggling teenager was allowed to take his maths A-level papers a staggering 29 times until he passed, it emerged today.

In a damning indictment of the resit culture, the student sat one paper for each of the six modules needed for the qualification.

He then went on take an astonishing 23 resits, an exam board chief revealed.

Andrew Hall, chief executive of the exam board AQA, used the pupil as an extreme example of the retake culture surrounding A Levels, the Sunday Times reported.

He backs plans by exam regulator Ofqual to limit retakes to just one per paper as part of a huge shake up of A-level exams.

Speaking at the Westminster Education Forum last week he said ‘resits have done serious damage’ to the credibility of exam system, and refereed to the AQA pupil who finally gained the qualification in 2010.

Universities have added pressure to the proposals, where growing numbers of departments are refusing to accept results of resist when offering places.

via School pupil sat 29 papers to gain a single maths A-level | Mail Online.

Jimmy Kilpatrick, a national recognized professional special education advocate since 1994.

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