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Jimmy Kilpatrick

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“Jimmy Kilpatrick is one the most knowledgeable people on reading within the State of Texas,” Dr. Rod Paige, United States Secretary of Education

SpecialEdAdvocate.org is a group of local (based in Houston, Texas) as well as national experts in the field of education who are equipped to provide advocacy, research, and organizational support for you, your child, or your community.

“You are doing great work dedicated to the kids .” Dr. Reid Lyon, former Chief Child Development and Behavior Branch National Institute of Child Health and Human Development National Institutes of Health”

Mr. Kilpatrick is formerly with the University of Texas at Austin, Charles A. Dana Center under the Executive Director as a policy advisor for reading and reading disabilities 1996-1997, and member of the Dana Center’s Family Learning Team for development of a Faith Based-Initiative.

A Senior Fellow, The Haberman International Policy Institute in Education

A Senior Fellow, Alexis de Tocqueville Institution.

Policy advisor Office of the Superintendent, Houston Independent School District 1997-2004. He was selected by Dr. Rod Paige as a member of the Houston Independent School District’s PEER Committee of Reading 1996. “Jimmy Kilpatrick is one the most knowledgeable people on reading within the State of Texas,” Dr. Rod Paige, Secretary of Education (Houston I.S.D. Press conference 1996). Also, Mr. Kilpatrick instituted a Tips for Reading in Spanish for Hispanic parents within H.I.S.D.

Jimmy Kilpatrick, a national recognized professional special education advocate since 1994. Board Member of Texas Organization of Parent, Attorneys and Advocates. Consultant Expert Southwest Juvenile Defender Center

Nominated for the National Association States Boards of Education’s Outstanding Policy Leader Award 1999.

He was advisor to the Office of Governor George W. Bush and the Texas State Board of Education members on replicated reading research, and worked extensively on the new Texas English Language Arts and Reading standards. ‘The crisis at hand’/Governor wants $65 million to ensure that Texas schoolchildren learn to read.

Advised the US House Education and Workforce Committee on the Reading Excellence Act. He testified before the Senate and/or House Education Committees in Alaska, Mississippi, Texas and Alabama on reading issues.

He was advisor for the State of Alabama Department of Education Committee for developing a state reading policy. In addition, he advised on the current legislation for the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) with many of the suggestions for reading disabilities being included.

He is the former Legislative Education Chairman for The Texas Mexican-American Chambers of Commerce

Developed a National Reading Resolution for the League of United Latin American Citizens – Civil Rights Division (LULAC) based on replicated/scientific research.

He was a member of the development of the Texas Alternative Document for English Language Arts and Reading. He has advised members of the California Science Standards Writing Team – chaired by Nobel Prize winner Glen Seaborg Ph.D., is a National History Club, Advisory Council Member, and Member of the National Education Writers Association, Houston Press Club,

The Haberman Educational Foundation Advisory Board member, Advisory panel Our Education (Yale University).

Editor and Chief of EducationViews.org, the Internet’s Leading Source of EducationNews is honored to be recognized as a professional online resource for education reporters throughout the United States by the National Education Writers Association.

Presented Harvard University Law School and the Harvard Graduate School of Education, as well as the National Press Club on War and Peace in the Classroom. Requested by the Qatar Education Foundation to attend the Innocations II conference in Doha, Qatar 2006.

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