ROTA hosts people with special needs at community iftar

DOHA TO HIGHLIGHT the true spirit of Ramadan, Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) continued the celebration of the Holy Month by hosting a special iftar event for two community-based organisations for adults and children with special needs.

Residents of the Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs (QSRSN) and the Dhreima Orphanage took part in the event at the Qatar Foundation Recreation Centre recently.

ROTA volunteers actively participated in the event as the special needs adults and children partook of a sumptuous spread of delicacies for the iftar, received gifts and enjoyed an exciting evening of entertainment.

ROTA Executive Director Essa al Mannai said: “ROTA is committed to building partnerships with Qatar’s community- based organisations, and community Iftars highlight the spirit of camaraderie and sharing that marks the Holy Month of Ramadan.” “Our initiative to host Community Iftar for the Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs and the Dhreima Orphanage is one of many ROTA Ramadan activities and reiterates our focus on reaching out to all members of society, especially children.” Community iftar events are a key part of ROTA’s Ramadan 2012 Project, sponsored by OXY, which includes distributing grocery supplies to disadvantaged families, house ‘makeover’ renovations for families in need and sharing the joy of Garangao Night with children with medical conditions.

“Community-based organisations make an enormous impact on the lives of the people they work with, and strengthen the community as a whole. Their programmes provide opportunities to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to the support they need. ROTA is proud to recognise theie contribution,” Mannai added.

via Qatar Tribune – First with the news and whats behind it.

Jimmy Kilpatrick, a national recognized professional special education advocate since 1994.

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