Officials raise awareness for special needs program

Lyon County Emergency Communications is raising awareness for a program designed to address the needs of children, teens and adults with special needs during an emergency.

While the program itself is not new, communications officers are raising awareness for the Special Needs Awareness Program — or SNAP — which helps emergency responders identify and communicate with individuals with special needs more effectively.

“What it does is, it helps identify anyone with special needs,” Communications Officer Shonda Glover said. “We have emergency contacts on file in case they were to wander off or go missing. Then an officer can help identify them because we do keep pictures with the forms, too. We also keep their dislikes and likes and maybe ways to communicate with them, because if they’re scared we want to find ways to maybe calm them.”

Glover said the program was developed by a former dispatcher in 2010 whose own child had special needs. While there are similar programs around the country, Glover said SNAP is unique to Lyon County.

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Jimmy Kilpatrick, a national recognized professional special education advocate since 1994.

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