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TRENTON, Ont. — A southeastern Ontario mother has sent a complaint against an emergency room doctor for allegedly refusing to treat her four-year-old daughter.

Brianna Warrhunter took her child to hospital in Trenton Wednesday after a daycare worker noticed an “unexplained rash,” the Trenton woman wrote in a complaint she sent to the Ontario Medical Association.

Warrhunter said Dr. Amber Hayward Stewart began to examine her daughter and asked when the girl had her most recent immunizations.

Warrhunter said she told the doctor her daughter didn’t have immunizations as she and the father are “conscientious objectors” of immunizations.

“Her tone turned from friendly to rude,” said Warrhunter, alleging the Trenton Memorial Hospital doctor promptly stopped the exam and left the room saying she could not help the girl.

“How were we to go about finding out if she is contagious if no one at emerg will attempt to diagnose her based on the fact that she is not immunized? I did not seek medical attention for my child for us to be demoralized, judged and lectured like I myself am the child,” said Warrhunter.

“In Canada we have the choice to immunize or not and we choose not to.”

Warrhunter and her daughter left without a diagnosis and went to another hospital.

via Doctor refused to treat girl without vaccinations: Mother | Ontario | News | Toronto Sun.

Jimmy Kilpatrick, a national recognized professional special education advocate since 1994.

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