NFL wife says she won’t vaccinate her children for fear of Autism

Kristin Cavallari of MTV reality show fame and Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, have made a controversial decision regarding their one young child and their second, which Cavallari is carrying.

At an appearance on Fox, Cavallari said she doesn’t intend to vaccinate her two children, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“We don’t vaccinate,” she said. “I’ve read too many books about autism and the studies.”

When pressed for proof, she cited an organization called Homefirst Health Services, which is openly against vaccines.

“Well, there is a pediatric group called Homestead, Homestead or Homefirst, now I have pregnancy brain I got them confused — they’ve never vaccinated any of their children, and they haven’t had one case of autism. And now one in 88 boys is autistic, which is a really scary statistic,” said the reality star.

The Chicago Tribune researched Homefirst in the past and shed light on unsafe practices regarding autism treatments.

As for what she thought was wrong in modern vaccines, Cavallari said she was concerned about ingredients.

“The vaccinations have changed over the years, there’s more mercury and other…” she trailed off.

The anti-vaccine has been fueled by alternative medicine and celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy.

According to the CDC, vaccines do not cause Autism.

Celebrities and those that are anti-vaccine are blamed for “vaccine-preventable” outbreaks across the world, according to a Forbes article. (Click for article with map)

What do you think about vaccinating/not vaccinating children?

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