Gentle Teaching in a Violent Society

Teacher Talk is a mobile game to provide teachers practice in engaging challenging students and avoid conflict in the classroom by identifying w/student needs.

Instructional Micro-Game Preparing Teachers with Critical Survival Skills to De-escalate Classroom Conflict and Increase Student Engagement

This project is to produce the first in a series of Instructional Mico-Game Apps to introduce critical, just-in-time training intervention for first-time teachers on dealing with challenging Kids. This virtual experience brings alive the teachings of Dr. Martin Haberman* from his latest book “Teacher Talk, When Teachers Face Themselves”.

The game will be offered with anytime-anywhere accessibility on the web through mobile devices and desktops. As a free download, it will provide an introductory session on recognizing and responding to the psychological needs of students, the foundation of relating with difficult students.  This inaugural module will establish the pipeline and validation of subsequent modules that will be available to directly support teachers, school districts, educational organizations to better server the next generation student and teacher relationship.  

Game Prototype & Concept Art

Game Concept Art

What We Need & What You Get

  • Funding Overview: Funding will go towards creating a game that will be distributed online and on some mobile devices. If we are able to reach our entire $50,000 goal, we will offer the game for free to teachers (and anyone else who wants to play).
  • Plan B: If we do not reach our entire $50,000 goal, we will do one of the following (depending on how much we raise) as
    1) Create a Flash game that is distributed online only. Pursue additional funding to release as an app and add additional content.
    2) Distribute online and as an app, but charge 99 cents per download rather than offering the app for free.
    3) The amount of content in the final game may also be adjusted depending on total funds available. If we earn more than our goal, we will add extra modules and educational content. If we earn less, the module will be shorter and include fewer scenarios.
    4) If we receive less than $10,000, we will complete the design of the game and pursue additional funding through grant monies to produce the game.

Who We Are

The previous applied research collaboration between the Haberman Educational Foundation and the Simiosys Real World Laboratory is a result of an Innovation grant from the US Department of Education.  The prototype has been tested at the University of Central Florida’s College of Education and the Institute for Simulation. The Instructional Game Design is based upon the latest in innovative technology emerging theories of experiential learning based upon the interplay of story, play and game created by Dr. Atsusi Hirumi and Christopher Stapleton.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • If you can’t contribute, you can still help make our campaign a success! Spread the news and share our campaign on facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites.
  • If you are an educator, please feel free to contact us or the Haberman Foundation to get involved. We are always interested in working with others to make the game more realistic to the classroom experience.
  • For more information about Dr. Haberman’s research; to sign up for a workshop; or purchase books or DVDs, visit the Haberman Foundation website.

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Jimmy Kilpatrick, a national recognized professional special education advocate since 1994.

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