Educational programs help learning disabled succeed in college WITH VIDEO –

For example, OCC’s Outstanding Alumnus for 2007, Dr. Robert Reid of Beaumont Hospital graduated from OCC with the assistance offered by Project BOLD and credits the program with his success, Cartsonis said.

In addition, OCC’s ACCESS program offers services to students who have documented disabilities. Services include intense tutoring and accommodations in the classrooms, such as help taking notes or getting more time to take tests, said Dale Rohrbach, coordinator of ACCESS at OCC’s Orchard Ridge Campus in Farmington Hills.

OCC also has an Academic Support Center, where any OCC student can get free tutoring and writing sessions, Rohrbach said.

Students need to seek out services

Rohrbach and Robert Spann often host groups from Eton and special education groups from other high schools in the area, said Rohrbach.

“I focus on transition to college for folks with learning disabilities as they begin to navigate the adult world and requirements and the self-advocacy and self-awareness and initiative that is required at that level,” he said, noting expectations are much different than high school.

“One of the things we can’t do for them is seek them out. Students who don’t take the initiative don’t get the supports,” Rohrbach said.

“What is rewarding about doing work like this is being able to see students who have a documented need grow and make progress toward an appropriate goal; that’s incredibly rewarding,” Rohrbach said.

Other schools that provide services

A representative from Oakland University visited the Eton campus this week. OU provides a variety of services to students with learning disabilities who meet requirements for admission.  Continued…

Educational programs help learning disabled succeed in college WITH VIDEO –

Jimmy Kilpatrick, a national recognized professional special education advocate since 1994.

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