Confirms the Special Education in Camagüey its essence humanist

“The spirit has no disability”, is the maximum that distinguishes the work of the workers of the special school Heroes of the Moncada, in the city of Camagüey, who every day have the main responsibility for the integral formation of more than 20 children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.

In this way, ensure a multidisciplinary treatment, systematic and individualized of these boys and girls, is a priority for the group, composed of 28 teachers and other 12 workers.

In addition to imparting the study program of general education, are given an attention differentiated through consultations of hippo therapy, dance therapy, Educational Psychology, Psychology, Speech Therapy, among other initiatives and cultural activities, accurate Yudelis Pérez Carlos, the current director of that institution.

He also noted other extracurricular activities, such as visits to parks, the Casino Campestre and other emblematic places of the city, to encourage the socialization of the school, your emotional reciprocity and communication with the environment that surrounds them.

For the speech therapist Anicia Martinez Leyva, there have been many experiences that have marked its performance at the center, aimed at improving the oral communication and social interaction of small, which is the primary reason for teachers, assistants and specialists in general.

Also the young Amanda Commander Child – who serves as head of cycle- agrees on the importance of this work, which demand maximum delivery, commitment, dedication and love, in the case of children with special needs, which manifest themselves as features the inability of social interaction, the isolation and uncontrolled movements of a limb of the body.

Today there are several infants in this campus with a favorable evolution in its development, as is the case of the small Dorian Pérez Acosta, of fifth grade, who shows progress in oral language and interaction, with the support of teachers and the family.

With the purpose to satisfy the special educational needs, the Cuban State allocated substantial human and material resources, as well as a means of teaching, to strengthen an interactive process, participation and learning for life.

The fruit of the creative work and humanist of the Cuban Revolution, Special Education in the province of Camagüey has several shopping centers, oriented to the attention, in an inclusive manner, massive and free of charge, of infants with delay in psychic development, mental retardation, deaf, blind, visually impaired, physically disabled and autistic, among other disabilities.


Source: Confirms the Special Education in Camagüey its essence humanist

Jimmy Kilpatrick, a national recognized professional special education advocate since 1994.

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