Central York debt could curb program needs, raise taxes for years to come

A dance program is the one missing link for Central York performing arts students, supporters say.

Without it, alumni told performing arts staff member Donna Lynch, who pitched adding a full program to the high school curriculum at the board’s Nov. 12 meeting, that they felt “woefully underprepared for their time in college musical theater programs.”

Several people, including staff, students and arts professionals, also spoke at the meeting about dance’s capacity to serve as an outlet in art therapy, which would be invaluable to students’ mental health.

But though the board and administration were in favor of the idea, they were faced with a familiar roadblock: the budget.

District in debt: The push and pull with the district’s budget came up last year, when the board considered adding $11,661 in water polo funding.

And disagreements arose over other issues come budget season.

“I was probably about as popular as a Ravens fan in Pittsburgh for several months for suggesting that we might need to have limits to our appetites,” said board member Joseph Gothie.

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The district is following a plan to reduce its debt, with a goal to be de

Source: Central York debt could curb program needs, raise taxes for years to come

Jimmy Kilpatrick, a national recognized professional special education advocate since 1994.

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