Cadet teachers visit elementary special education classroom

Seniors from the DeKalb High School cadet teaching block program traveled to Waterloo Elementary School last week to visit a special education classroom. Cadet teaching is a program for seniors who wish to pursue a teaching degree in college. Students are partnered with IPFW for dual-credit certification. They receive college-level instruction about student learning styles and how to teach students, and they investigate educational philosophies and socio-economic situations that affect education. Students are placed with a teacher and classroom in the district for six hours per week from September through May. From left, are Isaac Hummer, Olivia Marsh, Jacob Samuelson, instructor Andy Comfort, Alec Brunson, Spencer Mohr, Cassidy Hickson and Evan Lung.

Source: Cadet teachers visit elementary special education classroom – KPCNews: Latest From The Star

Jimmy Kilpatrick, a national recognized professional special education advocate since 1994.

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