An Empty Challenge From the “Manufacturers” of ADHD

Fred A. Baughman Jr. MD –

In L.A. Times Pushes ADHD, “Speed” in Education News, 1/22/12, I outlined what a disease is, and is not, and why ADHD is not, and never has been an actual disease–not even today.

In Mother’s new little helper: Adderall (Los Angeles Times, Op/Ed January 13, 2012), Katherine Ellison wrote: “All over the country in recent weeks, mothers of children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder have been scrambling to fill prescriptions for their kids’ stimulant medications, due to suddenly scarce supplies.”

Herein, Ellison presumed that (1) ADHD is an actual disease–a physical abnormality—gross (a mass or tumor palpable in a breast, or on the skull), microscopic (cancer or inflammatory cells seen on biopsy or Pap smear) or chemical (elevated phenylalanine in PKU, galactose in galactosemia or other chemicals in the over 100 real inborn errors of body chemistry)–objectively demonstrable in tens of millions of Americans of all ages.

But Ellison and all perpetrators and believers of the ADHD-as-a-disease myth are not dissuaded by science and fact or by the absence thereof.  Nowhere in the psychiatric literature is there proof that children they label “ADHD” have a validating gross, microscopic or chemical abnormality—meaning—they have no disease–they are normal.

It is no surprise that now comes a basically anonymous ADHD expert named “Julio Jones” with articles in hand, he seems to believe, are proof, after all, that ADHD is, as they say, a disease.  Ordinarily in science and medical science if there are such a dispute the scientists themselves come forth and represent the “proof” they have reported and added to the medical literature.  But, not so in the case of psychiatry’s claims of “proof” that they too—psychiatrists–have “diseases” to diagnose and treat—all of those of there Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (which they equate to diseases).

What of the proof “professor} Julio Jones brings forth.  The first “proof” is from the journal Biological Psychiatry of 13 years ago—an odd choice by Jones: Biol. Psychiatry. 1999 Jun 15;45(12):1542-52 entitled Anterior cingulate cortex dysfunction in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder revealed by fMRI and the Counting Stroop, by Bush G, et al. which concludes: “The data support a hypothesized dysfunction of the ACcd (anterior cingulate cortex dysfunction) in ADHD.”  Get that: “data support a hypothesized dysfunction…” Not even Bush et al are claiming they have actually proved anything; much less that ADHD is a disease. Might it be because fMRI (functional as opposed to sMRI–structural magnetic resonance imaging) is a technology, which is not generally used to prove the presence or existence in a given individual of a definite physical abnormality—a disease.

FMRI visualizes blood flow in tiny vessels in the brain. It can’t tell whether nerve cells thus-perfused are normal or abnormal, excitatory or inhibitory.  Such imaging is usually done with a patient performing a mental or a motor task. In this way, regions of the brain can be mapped as to the functions they control. When speaking, the left or “dominant” inferior-frontal gyrus “lights up.” Moving the digits of the right hand the left precentral gyrus “lights up.”  Likewise, patterns of “lighting up” or “activation” are found in subjects who are deemed to be depressed, grieving, anxious, drowsy, asleep etc. But if the grieving patient is suddenly informed that their loved one is alive, the fMRI “pattern” of “grieving” is suddenly gone–changed to one of “elation.”  Amongst the most egregious claims pertaining to fMRI and other kinds of functional scanning was that a reduced concentration of activity in the “reading” area of the left hemisphere…” was “specific,” “diagnostic” for “dyslexia.” Short shrift was given the fact that remediated, once-poor, readers came to have remediated or corrected fMRI patterns, just like the proficient readers they had since become.  So much for claims of “diseases” –especially psychiatric diseases based on fMRI or any type of functional scanning.

Might the use of such technology—in this instance fMRI be a convenient modality with which to weave illusions of disease?  sMRI, on the other hand, shows strokes, abscesses, brain tumors and such—actual physical abnormalities—proving the presence–the existence–of disease.  There is no such proof of disease anywhere in psychiatry—none whatsoever demonstrating the existence of an actual physical disease in all of the DSM-IV; in all of psychiatry.  All there are illusions of disease meant only to deceive the pained, the troubled, the naïve–meant only to sell prescription drugs—“chemical balancers” for wholly illusory “chemical imbalances” of the brain—not a single one in psychiatry ever proven to exist.

Next “professor” Jones regales us with Neurosci Lett. 2006 May 29;400(1-2):39-43, Altered resting-state functional connectivity patterns of anterior cingulate cortex in adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder by Tian L, et al, who observed that “Resting-state low-frequency fluctuations (LFFs) of blood oxygen level-dependent fMRI signals have been proved to be quite informative.  Here we are told that the research use of fMRI is “quite informative” if never definitive, just right for the spinning illusions of science and disease as in “biological” psychiatry/

Tian et al close saying  “We suggest these abnormally more significant functional connectivities in the ADHD patients may indicate the abnormality of autonomic control functions in them.”  Get that: “…suggest these abnormally more significant…” and “…may indicate the abnormality of…”.  Does this sound definitive to you?

Where is the definitive proof that ADHD is a physical abnormality or the brain or body?  With no such proof how is ADHD found/diagnosed in a single patient for the first case report?  How is it found patient-by-patient to validate the ADHD epidemic where it stands today (2010) at 10.4 million, more than 90 percent of them prescribed an amphetamine.

With no proof that ADHD is a disease—with no proof that any psychiatric diagnosis in the entire DSM-IV is a disease–this can only be the greatest health care fraud of all time.

The poisoning of normal children must stop.

An Empty Challenge From the “Manufacturers” of ADHD | Education News.

Jimmy Kilpatrick, a national recognized professional special education advocate since 1994.

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