Month: January 2014

Ohio parents’ lawsuit accuses teacher of duct-taping girl with disabilities to chair

CINCINNATI — The parents of five physically and mentally disabled children have sued their former teacher, claiming she abused them for months and school officials did nothing to stop it and later tried to cover it up. The parents in

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Is Your School Seclusion Proof? | Education News

Seclusion and restraint are highly dangerous interventions that have led to death, injury, and trauma in children. Jessica Bulter – My updated report, How Safe Is The Schoolhouse? An Analysis of State Seclusion and Restraint Laws and Policies, has been

Special Education Kids Easier Tests Like ‘The Old South,’ Advocate Says

Should students with disabilities be held to the same academic standards and tests as other kids their age? That decades-old question is being revived by a debate in New York. Some advocates charge that a proposed tweak to the state’s

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