Month: October 2013

Precursors of developmental dyslexia

Research Institute of Child Development and Education, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Abstract Converging evidence suggests that developmental dyslexia is a neurobiological disorder, characterized by deficits in the auditory, visual, and linguistic domains. In the longitudinal project of the

Parents Win $1M for Teacher’s Abuse of Special Needs Son

Parents of a boy who was physically abused by his special education teacher won a $1 million jury award against the school district. Terrence Rideau was a severely disabled special education student in Texas public school. In April 2010, his

Many States Show Shameful Records in Holding Schools Accountable for the Progress of Special Needs Students

Special Ed inclusion Matthew Ladner – The No Child Left Behind Act required student testing and reporting of data in return for continuing receipt of federal education dollars. The law however left granular details to the states, most of whom

Obamacare hurts parents of special-needs children

President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, known as “Obamacare,” will make it more difficult for parents of special-needs children to pay for tuition at special schools and to purchase medical equipment, according to a new report. More than 30 million Americans

Durham Public Schools make special education changes

DURHAM (WTVD) — Durham Public Schools has been forced to change the way it disciplines students with disabilities after a complaint was filed alleging it violated special education laws that protect students. The school system will debut a new program

N.M. teacher’s aide tapes mouth of autistic student

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A high school teacher’s aide in New Mexico is back from administrative leave following an investigation into her taping the mouth of a special needs student. The incident occurred last month at Rio Grande High School

Choice and Special Education

Marcus Winters has an excellent new study on charter schools and special education.  Why are there large gaps between the percentages of students classified as disabled in charter and traditional public schools?  A large part of the explanation — about

Growing In and Out of Autism

I suppose this article will be seen as inflammatory, but I just can’t keep what I am seeing a secret anymore. To understand what I am about to share, you have to know a little about me. I raised eight