Month: September 2013

Special needs cheerleader shows extraordinary spirit

Before she even got to high school, Ciarra Harmon would cheer for her brother Jesse on Brewer High School’s varsity football team. She never imagined making the squad. via Special needs cheerleader shows extraordinary spirit.

Dyslexia Diagnosis: the Ability Within the Disability

Many who receive the diagnosis of dyslexia are conditioned in believing that it is a negative learning disability. According to research, someone who is dyslexic just has a different ability to process information, specifically within the phonetic region of the

Failing to Include a Parent at the IEP Meeting Violates IDEA

On June 13, 2013, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued an important decision about parental participation at IEP meetings. As a part of that ruling, the Court answered several issues and clarified the approach that must

State says too many of Santa Cruz’s black students are in special ed

SANTA CRUZ — A year after the state sounded an alarm about the high number of black students receiving special education in Santa Cruz City Schools, the district has implemented a number of culturally responsive measures aimed at keeping more

Networking will help special schools: Expert

Chennai: India is a far more inclusive society than the West, but there remain huge challenges when it comes to special education needs. Centres like Sankalp should network with other institutions, coordinate and disseminate information, said Richard Rose, professor of

Finding the right special ed programme

ONE of the most critical decisions a parent will ever make on behalf of their children is charting their educational course. Add the issue of having a child with a developmental challenge and the process becomes even harder. Issues surrounding

Special-ed group ‘serving needs of the kids’

BILLERICA — As the Merrimack Special Education Collaborative restructures after alleged gross corruption two years ago, Secretary of Education Matthew Malone learned on Thursday how MSEC is changing things up. But did MSEC pass the test? After his visit to

Sequester Hits Special Education Like ‘Ton of Bricks’

Since the first day of class for most schools in Michigan last week, Marcie Lipsitt’s phone has been ringing nonstop with parents distraught about cuts to their children’s special education services. A new round of special education cuts were taking

Schools given deadline for special needs assistant applications

Schools in Ireland have been given a deadline for applications regarding resource hours and special needs assistants. The National Council for Special Education announced that schools have until Friday September 20th to get their applications in – and the news

Breaking Down Barriers: iPad helpful tool for special-needs students

  By Tina Calabro   When Nadia, a bright athletic 12-year-old, started the academic year at PACE School in Churchill the last week of August, she walked into a classroom equipped with iPads for student use, much like many of