Month: August 2013

Arne Duncan Wants Special Education Students To Take General Exams

Should students with disabilities be held to the same academic standards as their peers? And should schools and teachers be held accountable for their progress? U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan answered that question with a resounding yes, proposing a

Many pediatricians don’t offer Spanish autism tests

Only one in 10 pediatricians offers screening for general developmental and autism spectrum disorders in Spanish, according to a new study. Researchers who surveyed 267 California pediatricians found only a handful offered Spanish developmental and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) screenings

Guide rebuts myths about special needs children

A “myth-busting” guide challenging negative attitudes to children with disabilities has been launched by the online parenting network, Mumsnet. Mumsnet says the aim is to “support parents of children with additional needs” on a general parenting website. The campaign includes

ADHD and Bullying

According to Dr. Ashley Gorman, most children are victimized by bullies at some point, but children with ADHD are targeted more often and are also more likely to exhibit bullying behavior themselves. There is a link between ADHD and bullying.

Dyslexia ‘seen in brain scans’ of pre-school children

Brain scans may allow detection of dyslexia in pre-school children even before they start to read, say researchers. A US team found tell-tale signs on scans that have already been seen in adults with the condition. And these brain differences

Study links autism to birth inductions

JAMA Pediatrics eyes labor hurried along by drug Pitocin Can inducing labor cause autism? A new study out today in the journal JAMA Pediatrics says that induced labor might be the reason for the spike in autism over the last

ADHD at School: Keep It Together in Middle School

The school environment changes in the middle years. Instead of loads of structure and guidance, as your child had in elementary school, students are expected to manage more of their life on their own. At the same time, the students

Autism’s Unexpected Link to Cancer Gene

But rapamycin, which targets the tuberous sclerosis gene and blocks a protein involved in cell division, changed the animals. They no longer compulsively groomed themselves, and they no longer liked the plastic cup as much as a live mouse. The

Down syndrome cure?

In the 14 years since her daughter, Rachel, was born with Down syndrome, Jawanda Mast has always been clear that she’d change the condition if she could. “I couldn’t love her more, but I would give almost anything to take

All kids need an IEP

By Joe Nathan – Powerful, personal and passionate. That’s how I’d describe more than 20 responses to last week’s column recommending a “second opinion” in medicine and education. All over Minnesota, and the U.S., people described themselves or their children