Month: June 2013

Special Education: The Forgotten Issue in No Child Left Behind Reform

In 2002, when President George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), few would have predicted the law would last.  Yet persist it did, and the controversial legislation remains on the books more than a decade later. 

Hoops for SPED parents

Most parents have a simple goal — to watch their children succeed in life. But when nothing’s simple, every decision carries the weight of the world. Most parents have a simple goal — to watch their children succeed in life.

Autism Tied to Air Pollution, Brain-Wiring Disconnection

Researchers seeking the roots of autism have linked the disorder to chemicals in air pollution and, in a separate study, found that language difficulties of the disorder may be due to a disconnect in brain wiring. Researchers from Harvard University’s

As more youngsters than ever are prescribed drugs for hyperactivity, experts pose a provocative question: Could children diagnosed with ADHD just need better sleep?

Sleep deprivation in children causes similar effects as ADHD More children – and adults – than ever are being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Yet many of those may not have the behavioural disorder but could instead be

State needs to recognize dyslexia

Parents must request in writing for their child to be assessed for any and all real or suspected reading disabilities ASAP. Do not reply on the OPINIONS of the school teachers or administrators in this matter. My daughter was in

School ignores advice from learning disability experts

Stacie Brockman is the Prince George’s County mother of lively twin 9-year-old boys. Her sons were born two months premature. She has done everything possible to deal with the disabilities that often impede the progress of such children. She took

How a School Allowed the Bullying of a Student with a Learning Disability

Report: The school failed to end the harassment This story is part of an in-depth package of stories on the subject of bullying in Palo Alto schools. For links to all the stories, follow this link. Editor’s note: The following

Yale researchers unravel genetics of dyslexia and language impairment

By Karen N. Peart – A new study of the genetic origins of dyslexia and other learning disabilities could allow for earlier diagnoses and more successful interventions, according to researchers at Yale School of Medicine. Many students now are not

Vision, Dyslexia Not Linked: Study

The new paper represents a key step forward for the field in that it narrows down the potential causes of dyslexia and helps shape future detection and treatment, said Laurie Cutting, associate professor of special education, psychology and radiology for

US graduation gain for students with learning disabilities, but challenges remain

U.S. high school students with learning disabilities graduate at much lower rates than other students, and California’s graduation rate for these students is less than the national average, according to a recent report. There is also progress: the graduation rate