Month: January 2013

Autism Association Calls for Cameras

Managing Editor’s Note: From our friends at National Autism Association who are always looking out for the health, well being and safety of our children, whether tots or adults. Read their white paper, Behind Closed Doors: What’s Happening to Students

How it Works: For the Parent Who Suspects a Developmental Delay

Many kids struggle with developmental problems at some point in their childhoods, and getting care for them can be costly and confusing. If your child isn’t babbling or sitting at nine months, for instance, struggles with stairs or speaks unclearly

Can a controversial learning program transform brains?

From a young age, Sebastien Klein seemed to have an extraordinary memory. “He’d help me with gardening and know the names of all the plants,” says his mother, Kathleen. “But at school, he always had this problem we couldn’t figure

Demystifying the ADHD Evaluation

Anahi Ortiz, MD – Where do you go if your child’s teacher tells you your child has symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? What if you see your child struggling in school? It can be overwhelming if your child

Children must be active

A less adventurous lifestyle is leaving kids struggling in the classroom, specialists say. Two occupational therapists and a teacher in New Plymouth say children who are not active at an early age are at risk of suffering developmental delays and

Dyslexia film

WILLIAMSBURG  – Dyslexia is a struggle, but it doesn’t mean a child lacks intelligence.   Doug Bowman and Beverly Burgdorf, both parents of dyslexic children, believe a recent film that paints a picture of hope for dyslexics struggling with the

Experience Based Learning Targets Students with Learning Disabilities

With a password and secret hand signal, all who enter Tom Waitzman’s classroom gain passage to the Middle Ages. Once inside, Max Lentz, dressed in a white cloak, no longer is a fourth grader at the AIM Academy in Whitemarsh

Students learn about disabilities

All month, students at Del Mar Heights School are learning about different disabilities as part of a unique program that was first launched at the school in 2005. The Understanding Differences curriculum — created by a parent and teachers at

Ways to Cope with ADHD

Over the last ten years, prescription medication has become the first option for treating most cases of ADHD in children between 4 and 17. Unfortunately, many physicians who’ve prescribed stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin have failed to discuss all the

Is the neurodiversity movement misrepresenting autism?

By Amy S.F. Lutz – Much of what we know about autism has changed since my son Jonah was diagnosed in 2001, but the metaphors we use to conceptualize it have remained largely the same. Portia Iversen, founder of Cure