Month: September 2012

Children with disabilities get to rope, ride at sheriff’s rodeo in Devore

DEVORE – Rodeo contestants come in all shapes and sizes, and some even have disabilities. The 13th annual San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Rodeo welcomed about 20 new cowboys and cowgirls to the circuit Saturday accompanied by a three-legged dog. “Every

Department of Education Dispenses 24 Million in Sped Grants to States

The U.S. Department of Education is paying out $24 million in funding to bolster personnel training to help children with disabilities. “The quality of education our children with disabilities receive is dependent on how well-equipped the workforce is in supporting young people with

Eagle Scout, 15, hit rank with help from troop for special-needs kids

A legion of supporters and a troop for special-needs boys allowed 15-year-old Ricky Newell to beat the odds and earn the rank of Eagle Scout. Newell had dropped out of Scouts twice before, but in 2006 he joined Troop 5280,

Filmaking Provided Steven Spielberg an Out from Dyslexia

Usually behind the scenes, filmmaker Steven Spielberg stepped in front of the camera to talk for the first time about his challenges with dyslexia and how he struggled for years with the undiagnosed learning disability. It was just five years

Newly Funded National Special Education Center Will Focus on Inclusion

by Matt Erickson –  The U.S. Department of Education has given a grant to Kansas University (KU) to establish a national center aiming to transform the way children with disabilities are taught in America’s schools, KU officials announced Wednesday. The $24.5

Americans are Still Struggling for Words to Describe Disabilities

These cerebral palsy radio spots, recorded in 1951 for the United Cerebral Palsy Fund, highlight the ideas and words applied to children born with disabilities. A slew of celebrities talk about “pity,” “shame,” and “handicaps” — but also of “living

Strategies Successful Students with Disabilities Use

by Adrianna Barton – Anthony Vo, a second-year medical student at the University of Ottawa, says he logs up to three hours of studying for every hour his classmates hit the books. But it’s not because he is a keener.

Victorian schools fail on disabilities score

STUDENTS with disabilities at Victorian schools are being bullied, refused enrolment, prevented from sitting NAPLAN tests and denied access to excursions and school camps. The first comprehensive report by an Australian human rights commission to examine the extent of disability

Number of College Students with Disabilities Doubles in Five Years

As the recession drags on more and more budget-conscious people are asking for results from our large outlays for special education. But while not largely covered in the mainstream press, our increasingly successful early interventions have created a crop of

Lack of Sleep Found to Increase Likelihood of Learning Delays

By Sara Gates – Kids who snore may be more likely to have behavioral problems, but that may not be all. A new study, published in Pediatrics this month, found that children with sleep problems through the age of 5