Month: August 2012

Revision cramming: Sacrificing sleep to study ‘will make you much worse at exams and homework’

Regardless of how much you study each day, if you sacrifice sleep in order to cram a little bit more, you are going to struggle the following day, say researchers. The University of California team added that, because students tend

Spare a thought for the pupils who are destined only for failure

Politicians of all sides must share the blame for a system that leaves one in five without a job Our borough used to have a bad name for education. Standards were indifferent, and such was the alleged emphasis on political

Outdoor play ‘shunned in favour of expensive gadgets’

Over-indulgent parents are putting children’s long-term development at risk by lavishing them with expensive toys, according to research. Young children are missing out on opportunities to take part in traditional outdoor play – seen as vital to improve their social

National pay for teachers ‘undermining school standards’

National pay rates for teachers should be scrapped because they damage school performance and depress pupils’ GCSE results, according to academics. Researchers warned that imposing fixed salary levels across the country led to serious staff vacancies and underperformance in more

Schoolhouse to jailhouse

Kevin Siers/ The Charlotte Observer AJstream 3 days ago In an effort to make classrooms safer following the massacre at Columbine High School in 1999, schools across the US adopted zero-tolerance discipline policies to regulate student behaviour. Designed to ensure

Warning of abuse risks to disabled children

Disabled children in England need better protection against neglect or abuse, suggests a report by children’s and education watchdog Ofsted. The report says disabled children are more likely to be victims of abuse, but are less likely to have a

Academy loses legal challenge over special needs pupils

Mossbourne academy argued in one case that it already had a higher-than-average number of pupils with special needs One of the government’s flagship academy schools has lost a legal challenge over its refusal to admit a number of children with

There is an epidemic of over-diagnoses of ADHD

By: Harold Mandel – There is not an epidemic of ADHD in the country, there is an epidemic of fraudulent diagnoses of this disorder. Fred A. Baughman Jr., M. D., a Pediatric Neurologist, has elucidated upon this problem very effectively

Tempe school a haven for disadvantaged students

Perhaps resiliency sets apart students at Children First Academy in Tempe from those at other schools.It’s not their homelessness or haphazard living conditions. It’s not the clothes they get from the school. And it’s not the buses without air-conditioning they

Isabella Lounder, Student With Dwarfism, Afraid To Go Back To School, Says Officials Neglected Her Last Year

Isabella Lounder, a 7-year-old student with special needs, is afraid to return for her first day of school. Mother Nicole Lounder tells KHOU that officials at Armstrong Elementary in Fort Bend, Texas, failed last year to accommodate and assist her