Month: August 2012

One in a hundred children are ‘psychopathic’, warn researchers – and they say there is nothing parents can do to control them

Scientists say affected children lie, cheat, manipulate and commit acts of remorseless cruelty Around one in 100 children in the UK could be a psychopathic “Kevin”, research suggests. Like the budding serial killer in the novel and film We Need

John Rosi, Washington Middle School Teacher, Led Bullying Incident ‘Of Epic Proportions,’ Family Lawyer Says VIDEO

The parents of a Washington state teen want their son’s teacher fired after learning that the student was terrorized in a bullying attack by peers — and at some points, by the teacher. The incidents occurred in February at Gig

Court Upholds School’s Use of Desk With Restraining Bar

A Colorado school district’s use of a special desk with a restraining bar did not violate the federal constitutional rights of a young student with disabilities, a federal appeals court has ruled. The court said the use of the U-shaped

The Global Search for Education: In Search of Special Education

There are over 400 special schools in Australia, educating around 20 percent of the 150,000 students with special educational needs or a disability who are enrolled in schools nationally. The other 80 percent are enrolled in mainstream schools. A new

More parents of special-needs children opt out of public schools

For thousands of Texas parents, the start of the school year has taken on a new meaning: an end to the conflicts, struggles and disappointment with the public school system. A growing number of parents of special-needs children are opting

Special Education Trade Group Calls for More Audits in New York State

Confronting reports of skyrocketing costs and outright fraud in New York State’s preschool special education system, a group of companies that provide services to children with disabilities is calling for mandatory new audits, clearer regulations and a strict code of

IDEA Leadership Conference: Leading Together to Achieve Success from Cradle to Career

By Elaine Mulligan, Project Director, National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY) Do you think that federal and state departments of education staff are a bunch of outdated bureaucrats who sit in locked offices enforcing obscure rules and ignoring

Before the school year begins: simple ways to empower your child

By Mary Mazzoni – Many kids feel uneasy right about now. The new school year looms – with many unknowns. Unanswered questions can lead to anxiety – even a sense of helplessness. Often kids’ questions about school go unspoken and

Putting the D in to the IEP: Why Advocating for a Child with Dyslexia is so Difficult

By Kelli Sandman-Hurley, Ed.D. – Advocating for a child with dyslexia or suspected dyslexia can be tantamount to moving a cruise ship with a piece of string and your teeth. But if you pull hard enough and you give the

Students with ADHD can be eligible for an IEP

By Dennise Goldberg – I can’t believe in the year 2012 we are still discussing whether a child with ADHD can qualify for an IEP.  Many people continue to point out that there are 13 disability categories listed in the